Louise Silfversparre

3D designer and animator based in Stockholm.



Digital Ecosystem

When natural, prosperous, ecosystems are becoming increasingly more rare and more people move to urban environments without access to green areas, a digital ecosystem can be the only nature we have access to in the future.

Windows is a digital ecosystem made in 3D, designed to adapt after human preferences with the ability to replace real nature. 

Science shows that a visual exposure to videos of forests and water environments can make us calmer and lower our heart rate. It can be just as sufficient to watch nature through a screen as going outside. 

A scene consisting of a well functioning ecosystem with water, serene or spacious nature characters and a great biodiversity has been proved the most effective.

Human imprint on nature cannot be ignored, species face extinction and ecosystems are disturbed, and thus our access to the well functioning environments decreases.

A screen can never completely replace nature, but it can be a substitute when we don’t have access to the real thing.